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News – April 2014
NASA Invites Students to Design Exploration Systems

News – March 2014
US Space Telescope Spots 715 More Planets

News – February 2014
Long Lunar Night Wait for Malfunctioning Jade Rabbit Rover

News – December 2013
Chinese Unmanned Spacecraft Lands on Moon

Gold Rush in Space? Asteroid Miners Prepare

News – November 2013
India Blasts Off in Race to Mars with Low Cost Mission

News – October 2013
Skull Throws Story of Human Evolution into Disaray

News – September 2013
Voyager Left Solar System Last Year, New Research Shows

News – August 2013
Next Mars Mission Should Search for Past Microbial Life

News – June 2013
Trip to Mars Would Likely Exceed Radiation Limits for Astronauts

News – May 2013
NASA Telescope's Planet-hunting Days May Be Over

News – April 2013
US Budget Cuts Ripple Beyond Defence to Travel

News – March 2013
Computer Glitch Suspends NASA Mars Rover Operation

News – February 2013
Rocket Launches New NASA Communications Satellite

News – January 2013
Kepler Telescope Finds 461 Potential new Planets

News – December 2012
Private Firm Plans "affordable' Lunar Mission for $1.5bn

News – November 2012
Russia's Deputy PM Says Country Must Shoot for Moon Base

News – October 2012
Russia and NASA Eye Yearlong Space Station Assignments

News – September 2012
Rocket Puts NASA Radiation Belt Probes in Orbit

News – August 2012
NASA Rover Curiosity Makes Historic Mars Landing

News – July 2012
NASA's Mars Rover May be in for Blind Landing