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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 15 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
All studies © 2005/7 Jack White

With and without Hasselblad cameras
with and without cameras






Apollo 15 – color or black/white?
color or black/white

Editor's Comments: The visor reflections do not match, neither is the lighting on the flag pole the same. The shadows of the astronaut do not match the profile of the astronaut (and since they are virtually the same poses, the shadows in both pictures should also be virtually the same.) There is a reticule over the right of the flag on the color picture 11863, but it is so faint it is barely visible.







Same backdrop – different scene
same backdrop - different scene

Editor's Note: The same mountain backdrops appear in various photos, irrespective of the foregrounds. Moreover, backdrops are moved around as is customary in theatrical stage work. And the LM cannot be in two different places at the same location. Finally, the flags are pointing in different directions in the two images. See also: Did we land on the Moon?


Winston Wu has pointed out in AS15-88-11863 that there is an apparent 'ledge' between the rear foreground and the near foreground area where all the activity has taken place. It looks rather like a white 'carpet' layer that was placed over the 'lunar dust'. The slightly lower near foreground carries all the tracks and footprints.







Whose footprint is this?
nasa moon landing hoax

Editor's Note: This finding is no joke, it is very significant indeed. The devil is always in the detail.

For other findings concerning anomalous footprints please see Conrad lowered into place on wire? in an earlier study, and the last item at: Where we are now.


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