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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 16 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
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Jump Salute 2
camera on tripod

Editor's Comment: It should be noted that in the lower picture the astronaut is not in fact jumping. For more on continuity anomalies during the "jump salute" please see Apollo Photo Anomalies.







–––––rover - port or starboard

Editor's Comment: QUAD IV, the starboard side, was in fact the location for the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA), a stowage bay. According to the record, the LRV was stowed on the port side, namely QUAD I. However, it should be noted that there were no still Hasselblad lunar surface photographs taken of the LRV in its stowed port-side position on any Apollo LEMs prior to unloading.








lem changes mid air

Editor's Comment: A distinctive feature of the Apollo 16 decal is the diagonal line across the US flag (as in the lower picture). However, this diagonal line (lanyard) is absent from the top image when the LM was allegedly in flight. See also previous study Computer reveals crude retouching of Apollo 16 LEM.

According to the Apollo record, the port side (QUAD I) was the location of the lunar rover (LRV), marked 'A'. In the lower picture the LRV has been unloaded. Some may question whether the difference in protrusion from the LM – when the two images are compared – is consistent with the considerable bulk of the folded LRV. In other words, there is margin for doubt whether the rover could have actually fitted into the 'bay'. No deep recess as such is visible. Please see following study. It should be noted that there were no still Hasselblad photographs taken of any Apollo LM on the lunar surface prior to unloading the LRV.






– – – Apollo 16 LEM anomalies
anomalies apollo 16 lem

Editor's Comment: These findings, taken together, suggest that the LRV was probably not flown on this LM. Moreover, the starboard stowage bay does not appear to be deep enough to accommodate the bulk of the MESA (see also later studies). If this conclusion is correct, then photographs of the LM must have been doctored, including moving the flag/US decal on the images.

This stowage problem could explain why no still photographs were taken before unloading the LRV, and together with the fact that footprints associated with unstowing the rover are mainly on the wrong side, loud 'whistles' can be seen, if not heard.






–––––The same photoshoot?
The same Photoshoot


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