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Apollo Investigation

Jack White's Studies – Apollo 16 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
All studies © 2005/7 Jack White

Rover fender repair anomaly
fender anomaly







Same backdrops – different foregrounds
same backdrops - different foregrounds

Editor's Comment: See previous notes concerning all Apollo panoramas. NASA could not have foreseen that researchers would have the patience to make a detailed study of the backdrops and spot the fakery. The space agency has been rumbled, well and truly.








Frugal use of same props – again?
frugal use of same props

Editor's Comment: Only one major item is different – the US flag above the decal. No distinctive diagonal line (lanyard) accross the Apollo 17 flag. See also Apollo 16 LEM changes mid air, Anomalies with Apollo 16 LEM, and previous notes regarding the Apollo 15 study Just a coincidence.

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