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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 17 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
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earth not in consecutive photos

Editor's Comment: It is worth noting that there is an alignment on the horizontal lines despite the slight
change of camera position and rearward lean of astronaut. Was the Earth really in the photo,
or was it perhaps added in the darkroom?

Compare Study 'Earth Pasted'.







– – – Visor reflection anomaly
visor reflection anomaly

Editor's Comment: This finding does not tally with the recorded Apollo 17 TV coverage. Therefore this still image and the TV transmissions of this event cannot both be valid. Please see the DVD What happened on the Moon?
to make a full comparison betwen the two media. See also article Further Findings.













Visor reflection oddities








Missing reflections









The case of the missing LEM
The case of the missing LEM


Editor's Comment: Once again, it is likely that there was a finite number of backdrops available to the photographic team to produce a large number of photographs and that NASA failed to anticipate such meticulous analysis of the imagery. See The skeleton in NASA's spacesuit and Exposing Apollo.







The Hill, the rover, the LEM


Editor's Note: Set designers messing up or whistle-blowing again? This study could equally have been titled The case of the reusable hill, because in the Apollo 17 TV transmissions Hill 'A' features prominently in two totally different panorama sequences.

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