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Jack White's Studies – General File A
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
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Cloud of dust proves fakery of jump salute photo
Cloud of Dust

Editor's Comments: We thank Dave Greer for drawing our attention back to the matter of the ‘jump salute’ sequence. Some detractors have stated that there is no discrepancy between the TV record and the still photographs of this event – that the triangular flap is more apparent in the Hasselblad still photos due to the different angles from which the images were taken.

However, in the light of Jack White's significant new finding, it transpires that the lack of continuity is due to far more than “different angles” and the matter of “one being a stills camera and the other a TV camera". It is now abundantly clear that the TV images and the still photos were not taken at the same time. There are discrepancies; two cameras recording ‘reverses' i.e. lens-to-lens views of the same scene from similar heights must record the same basic details. Note for example that the top triangular flap of the PLSS is UP in the still photos but is not visible in the TV coverage. The top flap should be UP and visible in the TV coverage due to the forward tilt of the PLSS.

New research demonstrates that the dust fell back before the astronaut reached the top of his jump. See also: Jack White's study and Further Findings.





too precise for words

Suspended by a wire?
suspended by a wire?

Editor's Note: See also: Further Findings.




nasa's 'anti-gravity'device







What a difference an EVA makes


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