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Jack White's Studies – Apollo 11 File
An extensive study of Apollo imagery by photo analyst Jack White
All studies © 2005/7 Jack White

disturbing buzz changes

Editor's Note: The solar wind composition experiment (SWC) consisted of a metal pole about 1.5 inches in diameter. This pole extended to about 5ft and was allegedly inserted into the lunar surface to a depth of about 3ins (8cms). Compare with Buzz height question on previous page.





Anomalies in Buzz exit sequence
anomalies in buzz exit sequence

Editor's Note: Of course both these photographs have always been available to researchers, but originally they had to be requested by number. In fact all published Apollo photographs are in the public domain. There are numerous other anomalies in this exit and descending the ladder sequence, see also Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers.





Use of tripod on the Moon? 1
use of tripod on moon

Editor's Comment: It should noted that this study has used a cropped portion of images 5867 and 5868 to demonstrate the point being made. See also Apollo 12 exit from LM sequence: Use of tripod on the Moon? 2.






Camera height anomalies in Apollo 11
camera height anomalies


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