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26 April 2002: Foggy Film or Super Hype?

New 3D film shot by astronauts

So now we know - there's enough radiation to fog film at around 240 miles above Earth, but fogging did not occur when filming Apollo astronauts on the lunar surface, over 230,000 miles further out!

The director and crew of an Imax 3D film chronicling the making of the ISS seem not to be singing from the same song book as their Apollo counterparts.

In an article in the English Daily Telegraph (April 26 2002) journalist Robert Uhlig tells us that, with the space station under construction at about 240 miles altitude,
"the astronauts had to race to shoot the film before it was fogged by the high levels of radiation in space." Then, far from the vision of a simple docking by the shuttle to the ISS that we have been led to believe is the general occurrence, Toni Myers, the Earth-based director of this Imax 3D production had this to say:
"We had to get the film up to the space station, throw it across from the shuttle, shoot it, throw it back to the shuttle, and take it back, all on the same flight to the space station, or it would have been ruined."

Her final instruction to the departing astronauts, turned film crew - fresh from 22 hours training in a mock-up of the space station - was that although she had given them her shopping list of 'shots to take' they were to "remember you are the directors. If an alien sticks its face up against the window or you see something remarkable, it's better that you make the choices."

Let us hope that they remembered Title 14 - The Code of Federal Regulations, Section 14, subsection 1211 before they made any decision in that regard.

Source UK Daily Telegraph 26 April 2002

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