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News - April 2001

13 Apr 2001 USA:

Lockheed Martin, Air Force Seek Funding For X-33

NEW YORK - (Dow Jones) - The experimental space plane that NASA cancelled last month may be back flying, but as a weapon for the military, not the next-generation space shuttle it was primarily conceived to be, the Washington Post reported Friday.
The Air Force and Lockheed Martin Corporation have approached NASA about funding the X-33 program through the end of the year while the Pentagon considers taking it over, several sources said.
The Post said NASA walked away from the venture after spending almost $1 billion in developing the reusable rocket, citing technical delays and cost concerns, but Lockheed Martin had invested nearly $400 million of its own, and within days of the cancellation it was meeting with generals about the Air Force becoming the X-33's new patron.

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