Apollo Investigation

Apollo-Soyuz: The Joint Hoax?

A detailed investigation of the test project – originally published in Russian
Alexander Popov PhD


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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: ASTP hardware preparation in the USSR and USA
Chapter 2: Strange choice of the Soyuz 19 commander
Chapter 3: The significance of selecting A. Leonov as Soyuz 19 commander
Chapter 4: 1974 broadcast: "Rendezvous in Orbit in 1975" – Get Ready!
Chapter 5: April 1975 – Cooling the kerosene down to 8°C
Chapter 6: Soyuz 19 launched with malfunctioning on-board TV
Chapter 7: The day of "unplanned" in-orbit repairs
Chapter 8: Mock-ups everywhere
Chapter 9: Docking "on invisible sky rails"
Chapter 10: Handshake "in orbit" filmed on Earth

Chapter 11: Filming in a reduced-g aircraft
Chapter 12: Courtesy visit filmed on Earth
Chapter 13: Cosmonauts on stretchers, "astronauts" attend meeting
Chapter 14: What did the USA and USSR gain from the ASTP?


Apollo-Soyuz: The Joint Hoax?
Alexander Popov PhD
English translation from the Russian by BigPhil

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About the Author

A Popov
Alexander Popov PhD

Alexander Popov PhD was born in 1943 and graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) Department of Experimental and theoretical physics in 1966. He spent time in special design departments, but mostly he worked in MEPhI.

In 1973 Popov received his PhD in MEPhI with his thesis on "Investigation of the interaction of optical radiation with the active medium of gas lasers."

In 1984 he became a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in MEPhI with his thesis on "Laser absorption analysis of molecular gases."

Popov is author and co-author of 15 inventions and more than 100 publications in the field of laser technology, spectroscopy, absorption analysis, gas analysis, and laser optics. With his developments he has participated in the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh). He is decorated with bronze (1978) and gold (1981) medals of the Exhibition, and a medal "850 years of Moscow."

Alexander Popov recently wrote Americans on the Moon: a Major Breakthrough or a Space Scam? in Russian, 2009.

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