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The Face on Mars: The gift that keeps on giving
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The Future of Human Space Travel: An outsider's viewpoint
Geoglyphs and Crop Circle Phenomena – Egypt, America and Australia
Marree Man: Variations on an Enigma – The Marree Man geoglyph
Measure for Measure – Sacred square, mundane circle
More Mumbo-Jumbo – Resonant response of the Great Pyramid
Resonance and Conscience – The music of time and the measure of being
Runners and Riders – The billionaires' space race
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planetary science visionThe Mars Environment: Planetary Science Vision 2050. In 2017 Dr. Jim Green gives his assessment of the creation of a magnetosphere for Mars at NASA’s Planetary Science Vision 2050 workshop.

The NASA website is rather difficult to navigate, but Mark Kauffmann creator and author of the Many Worlds website has posted his excellent article concerning Dr. Green’s talk on magnetospheres and other terraforming options for Mars How to Give Mars an Atmosphere, Maybe, by Marc Kaufman – March 2017.

Martian Moon's Orbit Hints at an Ancient Ring of Mars – June, 2020

Evidence for a Past Martian Ring from the Orbital Inclination of Deimos, by Matija Ćuk, by David A. Minton, Jennifer L. L. Pouplin, Carlisle Wishard – June 2020

Martian Moons have a Common Ancestor by Babara Vonarburg, ETH, Zurich – February, 2021

NASA Seeks Ideas for Where to Land on Mars, NASA Science Report – July 2015

Cydonia-Avebury: A Mars/Earth Connection by David S Percy – 1995

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