The Pathway to Mars

Digging into the Past: Bimini

by Mary Bennett

Digging into the pastIn the book Alien Intelligence and the Pathway to Mars: the hidden connections between the Red Planet and Earth, it mentions in Chapter 13 that the Law of One Foundation had funded the IKONOS satellite research in 2001.

Since its publication, it has been brought to my attention that the late Don Dickinson’s Foundation had funded many ARE archaeological projects including earlier Atlantean research into the Bimini area in 1998 and 1999 and that Dickinson was also a member of the ARE.

IKONOS satellite

Impression of the IKONOS satellite in orbit, image Lockheed Martin

Author Dr. Gregory L. Little has also informed me that finding the IKONOS satellite results less than useful, from 2002 through to 2012 nearly all the research relative to the Atlantis readings were funded and executed by himself and his wife Lora (who is currently the A.R.E’s Chair of the Board of Trustees).

Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis

Having co-authored in 2003, The A.R.E.'s Search for Atlantis: The Ongoing Search for Edgar Cayce's Atlantis in the Bahamas, Eagle Books, 2003, Gregory and Lora Little joined with John Van Auken to co-author another comprehensive overview of their Bimini, Andros and other Atlantean investigations.

The book is titled Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis and was published in 2006 by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) Press, Virginia Beach, USA. It is not necessary to be a fully paid up enthusiast of the ARE to benefit from these books, they are a valuable resource for everyone interested in the subject of Atlantis and the many aspects of memory that it evokes.

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