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Sending men to the Moon and bringing them back safely is held to be the greatest technical achievement of the 20th Century. But it appears that NASA staged the entire record of the Apollo missions.

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Adam Ruins the Moon Landing – Adam Conover ruins his credibility when discussing the Apollo deception
After the Ball: Kubrick and Georges Méliès Links to the works of the French filmmaker?
Apollo for Dummys: Mannequins and Miniatures used in the Apollo Imagery NEW
Apollo 11: Was a Second Light Source Used? – Ray Tracing the famous Apollo 11 photograph of Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 12 and the Surveyor 3 Mystery– Investigating the dust on the Apollo 12 LM and Surveyor 3 probe
Apollo 14: Second Light Source Confirmed – by Ray Tracing an Apollo 14 photograph
Apollo 17 Lift Off: An Ascent from the Lunar Surface? – The anomalous LM ascent from the Moon
Apollo Mountains just Meters away from the Camera – A stereoscopic method of verifying Apollo lunar surface images
Apollo Myth, the: A Hindrance to Human Space Exploration – The Apollo story is increasingly revealing itself to be pure fabrication
Apollo-Soyuz: The Joint Hoax? – 14 chapters asking if the Apollo part of the joint project was a deception? An investigation by Alexander Popov PhD
Apollo Questions Censored – Questions put to Apollo astronauts censored at Autographica 2014
April Odyssey and the November Boat, the – The 1970 Apollo event from the Russian Perspective
AULIS and Apollo – Apollo fakery is not a conspiracy theory but a policy authorised by the United States

Buzz Aldrin's Comment regarding his journey to the Moon
Chinks in the Armour – Gagarin was NOT the first cosmonaut
Chinese Live TV Discrepancies – Faked TV coverage?
Command Module too Light? – Why was the Apollo CM much lighter than stated?
Debunking the Apollo Myth NEW – A Moon Base should be built before humans can walk and work on the Moon
Detailed Analysis of the Apollo 13 Accident
– Analysis of the events of the Apollo 13 'accident'
Detailed Analysis of an Image from Apollo 15 – One photo to reveal them all
Did We Land on the Moon? – Follow up to the TV documentary
Did this Saturn V Rocket Get to the Moon? – An investigation led by a Russian Scientist
Dust-to-Dust – Dietrich von Schmausen concludes that no humans have ever ventured beyond LEO

Earth Photos from the Moon: Anomalies – Inconsistencies in photos of the Earth taken from the Moon, Part One
Earth Photos from the Moon – Afterword to Part One
Edgar Mitchell at Autographica UK, 2012 – Contradictory statements by Apollo astronauts on stars in space
Evaluation of Saturn V F-1 Design Flaws – Did the Saturn V engines correspond to NASA's stated data?
Examples of Apollo Photo Anomalies and Inconsistencies – deliberate mistakes
Exposing Apollo Fakery – Serious problems in the valley of Taurus-Littrow, Parts One & Two

Faked Apollo Atmosphere Re-entry from Space? – Were the Apollo Command Modules ejected from a Douglas C-133 Cargomaster?
From Apollo to the Future – NASA's greatest challenges at the start of the 21st Century
Further Findings – More anomalies in the Apollo record

Gas Has Mass – NASA test generates much dust
Getting a Grip on Apollo 11 – Amazingly, Aluminum handles were fitted to the CM NEW

Hadley: A Study in Fakery – Professor Colin Rourke concludes that Apollo 15 images were faked
How High the Moon? – Or the greatest deception of them all
Mystery of the Apollo 17 Rover Fenders, the – A detailed investigation

Illusory Apollo: the Ultimate Mega Show – Why the Apollo Space Project was an illusion
Into the Lion's Den – An Apollo Presentation to the British Interplanetary Society – Parts One & Two
Is There Any Hope for a Moon Base? – It's as if nothing has been learned from Apollo

Jack White's Apollo Photo Studies – An extensive study of Apollo imagery by Jack White BA
Jerry Wiant and the Big One – Problems with laser ranging?

Kubrick, Stanley, and Apollo – Links to the films of Stanley Kubrick? "Groundbreaking, innovative and revealing" – Marcus Allen
Kubrick Appendixes – Analysis of the Dark Side of the Moon

Letter to Dr James R Hansen – Apollo was all about landing
Lunar Module Descent and Landing: Intentional Errors Introduced into the Record? – In-depth investigation questioning the account of the LM's descent to the Moon
Lost in Space – NASA at 50
Lunar Laser Ranging: A Review – An overview of the Lunar Laser Ranging experiments
Lunar Rover – Was it a radio-controlled model?

Massimo Mazzucco’s American Moon – a review by Emanuel Garcia, MD
Moondust book Review – Andrew Smith's book about Apollo
Moonshadows – Did we really go to the Moon? The real Space Progvram
Moon Hoax Now – A one-way journey to the greatest lie ever told
Moon Landings: Magnificent and Deviously Contrived Propaganda NEW
More Apollo Fakery Unveiled – Investigating the Apollo photographic record
MythBusters Exposed – Aldrin descending the ladder is re-analysed by professional cinematographers

Nuclear Blast for Mankind – The US Planned A Big Nuclear Blast
NVIDIA: Mission Failure – NVIDIA's failed attempt to answer Apollo critics

Odyssey of the Lost Apollo CM, the – Was this 1970 event the real Apollo 13 accident?
Open Letter to Professor Brian Cox
– Seven questions and a request to Brian Cox
Orion, the Van Allen Belts & Space Radiation Challenges – Apollo radiation data was collected in LEO

Photographed on the Sea of Tranquility? – There is insufficient visible lunar surface to the distant horizon in Apollo 11 – Why?

Re-Entry Matters: An Investigation into Apollo Command Module Returns – An in-depth probe into 'Apollo Questions Censored'

Seeing Stars – Can stars be seen from space?
'Shadows' in the Lunar Sky? – An Apollo 17 photo was produced from two separate photographic elements
Skeleton in NASA's Spacesuit, the – What is the dirty secret?
Sky at Night, the – Patrick Moore and HJP "Douglas" Arnold, previously of Kodak UK, defending the Apollo record

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo – Links to the films of Stanley Kubrick?

Scientific Analysis of Apollo Lunar Surface Images – Detailed scientific investigation of the EVA photos
Scott Henderson's Apollo Studies – An initial set of 2018 photographic studies
Sick Man on the Moon, the – Fit to travel to the Moon? Part two
Stereoscopic Method of Verifying Apollo Lunar Surface Images – A study of Apollo studio images

Towards a Moon Base: Anything learned from Apollo? – Why is it so hard for NASA to get to the Moon 50 years after Apollo?
Towards a Moon Base: Leaving Apollo's Legacy Behind – Has the Apollo legacy become irrelevant?
Tribute to Bill Kaysing – 1922-2005

Virgin Galactic: Mojave to Mars – Virgin Galactic and SpaceShipTwo

What Happened with Project Apollo? – Investigating the Apollo Space Project
Was the Apollo 11 Saturn V Seriously Underpowered? – Studies of the actual velocity achieved by the Saturn V
Was the Apollo Computer Flawed? – Apollo Guidance Computer documents UPDATE
Was the Command Module too Light? – Why was the Apollo Command Module much lighter than stated?
What is the Colour of the Moon? – A Professional Russian Cinematographer investigates
What Really Happened with Apollo? – Questioning the Apollo record
Where We Are Now – Developments in 2003
Why is the Sun so Big? – Is this the Sun in the Apollo photographs?

Your neck bone connected to your thigh bone – Astronaut fit to travel to the Moon? – Part One

Questions Concerning Apollo & Radiation – Questions put to NASA

Reviews and Testimonials
– Selection of Aulis Reviews

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