Apollo Investigation

Investigating the Apollo Myth

Sending men to the Moon and bringing them back safely is held to be the greatest technical achievement of the 20th Century – but it appears that NASA staged the entire Apollo record

Listed in order of publication

Jarrah White's Column Article Nos. 1-5 – NEW
Did this Saturn V Rocket Get to the Moon? Part 2
– 2019 Update: Challenge and Rebuttal –
Debunking the Apollo Myth – A Moon Base should be built before humans can walk and work on the Moon
Apollo-Soyuz: The Joint Hoax? – Was the Apollo part of the joint project a deception?
How High the Moon? – Or the greatest deception of them all
The Mystery of the Apollo 17 Rover Fenders – A detailed investigation
Adam Ruins the Moon Landing – And Ruins His Credibility
The Apollo Myth: A Hindrance to Human Space Exploration – The Apollo story is increasingly revealing itself to be pure fabrication

A Detailed Analysis of the Apollo 13 Accident – Analysis of the events of the Apollo 13 'accident'
The Odyssey of the Lost Apollo CM – Was this 1970 event the real Apollo 13 accident?
The April Odyssey and the November Boat – The 1970 Apollo event from the Russian Perspective
Apollo 17 Lift Off – Ascent from the Lunar Surface? – The anomalous LM ascent from the Moon
Illusory Apollo: the Ultimate Mega Show – Why the space project was just an illusion

Apollo Questions Censored – Questions put to Apollo astronauts at Autographica 2014
Re-Entry Matters: An Investigation into Apollo CM Returns – An in-depth probe into 'Apollo Questions Censored'
Your neck bone connected to your thigh bone Fit to travel to the Moon? 1
The Sick Man on the Moon Fit to travel to the Moon? 2
Photographed on the Sea of Tranquility? – Why is there insufficient visible lunar surface to the distant horizon in Apollo 11?
Faked Apollo Atmosphere Re-entry from Space? – Were Apollo CMs ejected from a Douglas C-133 Cargomaster?
Seeing Stars – Can stars be seen from space?
Moonshadows – Did we really go to the Moon? The real Space Progvram

What Happened with Project Apollo? – Investigating the Apollo Space Project

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