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You people do tremendous work. I want to thank you for your time and effort which do not go unnoticed. I mention your website and never hesitate to tell people about the fakery of the Moon landings and where to go for more information. Thank you again for all you do.
J S, Saskatchewan, Canada, April, 2020

Your site is fantastic, a big thank you to you and your contributors!
A B, Australia, December, 2019

Your collection of scientific studies and testimonies is second to none. I found the more recent studies concerning the 'Kubrick connection' to be very compelling to the logical mind. The Apollo EVA suit studies are meticulous and basically the quality of evidence that would be needed in a courtroom. The bottom line is that almost any piece of evidence, taken alone, makes the idea of a moon landing in 1969 questionable. When the totality of the evidence is compiled and analyzed as it is here, Apollo becomes unbelievable.
M B, USA, November 2019

I have followed your work for several years and simply want to compliment you on your diligence and perseverance against the overwhelming pressure to “believe”.
Well done sir and congratulations!
I recently saw the latest videos from Jarrah White and have even more respect for the two of you for pushing back against this flat earth delusion. All the best.
Christopher H, USA, October 2019

I found your website by a link through McGowen's book, Wagging the Moondoggie, and love reading your site. I picked up a copy of Dark Moon and am on Chapter 4 now. The book is outstanding so far! Thank you so much for the 25 years of what you've done (even if I only discovered Aulis.com in 2019). I hope you guys continue work on this website for another 25, or at least until NASA confesses to the obvious hoax they've purported.
Mike M, February 2019

Greetings, I am writing to express my thanks and great appreciation for the articles on the Apollo missions, especially in regard to the Apollo/Soyuz connection and the Orion radiation info. These two articles have totally shut up a bunch of commenters in both a conservative thread sneering at the Moon hoaxers, and in the Ancient Aliens Worldwide Facebook page, and was the final straw to convince a scientist pal that NASA really does stand for never a straight answer. Great research all together on this site. Thanks!
Tom H, June 2019

The Earth is round, space travel is real, and Americans never walked on the Moon.
Why is it not common knowledge?
ViVE, August 2019

I have been doing my own research into radiation regarding the Apollo missions over the past year or so after becoming gradually aware that things did not seem right to me. It has been an unpleasant journey as up until a year ago I completely believed the NASA story. I had no real interest in Apollo or NASA to be honest, but I now feel totally foolish for taking them at face value.
After I came to the conclusion that the Apollo missions probably never left LEO I (belatedly) found Jarrah White's site and now Aulis.com. This is a very well put together site and well written. You balance the techno speak for the average person perfectly.
Glenn C, August 2019

I am now totally convinced that the Apollo moon landings were faked. I too am a NASA backer. I have been since I was a little boy. I am an avid amateur astronomer and a meteor observer. I have been to Cape Kennedy and Cape Canaveral on several occasions and saw the Shuttle Discovery launch with Senator Garn on board.
Now this [research] has really hit my heart with a deep arrow. But then again, I am a 9/11 truth advocate and understand what the US government has done to us over the years, and know that this is just another one of their false flag operations, and one of two that LBJ pulled off on an unsuspecting nation.

Thank you for the wonderful articles and for the Aulis website. Great job.
Fred Weber, NJ, USA


What Happened on the Moon? DVD reviews

The video is a mind blower!
Every one of my friends who has sees it (even a few skeptics) has been totally shocked. Prior to actually seeing the video, I have found that the usual response is: "Just because there are a few photographs in question...that's not real evidence, there is tons of evidence that we did go". But when they sit down and watch the video, their expression changes, and they start scratching their heads.
– Fred Woods, HUFON Report, Houston USA

Review by Duncan Roads Editor, NEXUS magazine
While most Nexus readers have heard of the discrepancies involving our visits to the Moon, many would not be in a position to be able to decide for themselves as to the authenticity of the allegations. Look no further! For the first time ... armchair researchers can be treated to an absorbing documentary which goes into painstaking detail over discrepancies in the photographic and film records.

Featuring whistle-blowers and industry experts, this documentary uses excellent visuals to explain in layperson's terms the serious flaws in many of NASA photos of astronauts on the Moon as well as in transit.

It is very difficult to explain away or dismiss the evidence compiled in this documentary. The producers [of What Happened on the Moon?] to their credit, have included answers from the "experts" but the trouble now is that these experts sound desperate to maintain some semblance of dignity and credibility in the face of overwhelming contradictory information.
Duncan Roads, NEXUS magazine, Australia

Review by David Kingston
Find a comfortable armchair, sit back and relax. You are about to watch the most informative, controversial and factual 222 minutes of video on what must be history's greatest conspiracy.

Having read the book Dark Moon I must say that I found this video a complimentary asset. I felt NASA's responses to questions posed by the film to be "feeble" attempts to gain back a little credibility. In this video there is new evidence revealing significant errors in continuity between the Apollo still photos and the live TV coverage which I remember staying up all night to watch. It suggests that NASA hoaxed the official record of mankind's first visit to the Moon.

These new findings are supported by detailed analysis and the testimony of experts from various disciplines. This is a video you will want to keep in a special pride of place on your shelf.
– David Kingston, UK

American Moon video
Massimo Mazzucco is a very intelligent guy whose film is excellent. I do think he might have given his predecessors a bit more credit, e.g., David Percy, whose photographic analysis is the standard, and also Marcus Allen. However we are all agreed: they never got there with human beings. It's the biggest lie of the century.
– Pallas Ferrante, March 2019


Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers – paperback and Kindle reviews

Along with Slaughter of the Innocent
by Hans Ruesch, Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers is my favourite book.

Phillip D, UK, July 2020

I found your website by a link through McGowen's book, Wagging the Moondoggie, and love reading your site. I picked up a copy of Dark Moon and am on Chapter 4 now. The book is outstanding so far!

Thank you so much for 25 years of what you've done (even if I only discovered you in 2019). I hope you guys continue work on this site for another 25 years – or at least until NASA confesses to the obvious hoax they've purported.

M M February 2019

The most careful analysis is to be found in Dark Moon published by the English writers Mary Bennett and David S Percy in 1999. They take the Moon landing apart factually and conscientiously with huge attention to detail.

Gerhard Wisnewski
Author and documentary filmmaker – topics are science, technology, history and politics

Mary Bennett and David S. Percy make a very strong case, based on scientific evidence, that the NASA Moon landings were a hoax. That is not to say that the Americans didn't go to the moon, only that if they did go, it was not with our present state of technology, which the authors themselves articulate quite well.

There are many reasons to support the Moon landings as a hoax, but the most convincing evidence is the van Allen belts, named after Dr. James van Allen who discovered the radiation belts around the Earth in 1958. To travel through the belts on the way to the Moon, would take approximately 2 hours, and of course 2 hours to travel through them on the way back.

The authors present plenty of evidence of the lethal dose of radiation the astronauts would receive if they were to even attempt travelling through these radiation belts. But as I read elsewhere, it is Dr. Van Allen himself that is most convincing, and not based on his work alone. It is his condescending comments in response to questions about the van Allen belts during the Apollo missions when he said, "Well it must be safe. We went to the Moon and back." Statements like this encourage people like myself to seek out the truth.

Randy Walsh, USA

The book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers and Aulis.com are excellent sources of information on the doubtful authenticity of the historical records presented to the public of the Apollo Moon missions. I first read this book about ten years ago. My father worked for NASA for 25 years, and after that I worked for them for 25 years.

I read this book and also watched the video by the same authors titled What Happened on the Moon? – An Investigation Into Apollo. I watched Bart Sibrel’s videos, all four of them. I read Bill Kaysing’s work and anything else I could find on the internet. I concluded that most if not all of what was presented to the public documenting the Moon landings had been faked. Whether this means man has never set foot on the moon I do not know. I would like to think that we have been there, but I doubt it.

Aulis.com has some recent articles that explain the tremendous problems NASA has been facing moving human space exploration forward, which suggests that man has likely never been beyond low-Earth orbit. One such recent article posted there is The Apollo Myth: A Hindrance to Human Space Exploration by Phil Kouts PhD. Also, on Aulis.com for many years now is a quote from Dr. James Fetzer saying, “Jack White's studies of anomalies in the Apollo space program raise the disturbing question, if man went to the Moon, then why was it necessary to fake so many photos? This parallels his earlier work on JFK, which raised a similar question about alleged assassin Lee Oswald, namely, if he really shot JFK, then why was it necessary to fake evidence to frame a guilty man?”

T Mark Hightower, USA

In Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers authors David Percy and Mary Bennett manage the impressive feat of uniting crop circles, the Face on Mars, ancient Egypt, and the mystery of Stonehenge.

Michael Hanlon, Science Editor, Daily Mail UK


Review by Marcus Allen, UK Publisher Nexus magazine
Thirty years ago man landed on the Moon. Given public focus by the then US President John F Kennedy in May 1961, he challenged his nation to "...achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth ". The race was on.

A great nation mobilised its industry, its talent and its energies to fulfil their, by then, dead President's dream. Not just once, but six times men landed on, walked and drove across, photographed, measured and returned with bits of the Moon.

The greatest scientific achievement of this, or maybe any other century, had been accomplished; and the astronauts had 'gone in peace for all mankind.' The whole world acknowledged and applauded the bravery of those men, the scale of their project and the thrill of being included in each step of their mission. Because we saw the photographs, watched the films and videos, listened to the interviews, read the books, we knew it happened just the way we had been told.

No! It probably did not happen that way at all.

When we were young we were taught to tell the truth. We should not tell lies because we will eventually get found out. Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, is about being found out. It is a brave, timely and inevitable book. It is the book some will dread reading but one which many more will welcome: it exposes a monumental deception perpetrated on us all.

We have been systematically lied to, deceived and misled by those who by their position and knowledge, we expect to trust – scientists. Where are the astronomers, astrophysicists, biologists, chemists, cosmologists, designers, engineers, photographers, physicists and the editors and reporters who failed to speak out? If they really were all blind we are in deep trouble.

That it took the determined and meticulous research of David Percy, and the eloquent and lucid writing of Mary Bennett to produce this magnificent book is testimony to their integrity. From the small boy who points out that 'The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes,' to the disintegration of the Empire is but a small step. So it is with the Apollo landings. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "An error can never become true however many times you repeat it. The truth can never be wrong, even if no one ever hears about it."

Dark Moon tells of the truth discovered in a journey which began by looking at one of the most famous photographs ever taken: man on the Moon, allegedly shot by Neil Armstrong showing Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface. Knowing the equipment used and the extreme conditions of temperature and radiation present on the Moon, scientific analysis is used to demonstrate conclusively that this picture was taken on Earth with controlled, artificial lighting. Once you know what to look for, all the Apollo pictures are suspect.

With over 400 pictures in Dark Moon the numerous flaws and inconsistencies soon become obvious. And you start to become angry, initially with the authors-this is understandable, they are the people who have darkened the dream-then with yourself for having been hoodwinked for so long. Eventually this too passes and your energy is redirected to ensuring that never again will you allow such a travesty to occur.

In our modern world of visual communications we have a right not to be misled. Those who go out to record our world and its activities have a responsibility to ensure that we will see what they saw. When we are asked to look at a photograph or a film taken on the Moon, then that is where we must assume it was taken. Anything else is propaganda.

Dark Moon, with over 500 pages, is in three parts. First is Foreground Action the 'how' of the Apollo records; interviews with Hasselblad and Kodak, whose products were used on the Apollo project, unwittingly revealing the inadequacies of their equipment to operate on the Moon as billed; details, clearly explained, about the 'show stopper' of man's exploration of space – radiation.

Earth is protected, space is not, so a man on the Moon, as unprotected as the astronauts were, are highly vulnerable; and the extremes of temperature: as hot as an oven (+250°F) in sunlight and colder than anywhere on Earth (-250°F) in the shade. With no atmosphere in space to retain heat, the switch from hot to cold is immediate.

The account of who was really behind the great rockets of both the American and Soviet space programmes is as surprising as it is comprehensive. In mid 1945 the Allies divided the spoils of war. Personnel, many originating from Peenemünde (birthplace of the German V-1 and V-2 rockets used against England during WW2), together with their research papers and equipment were transferred to the USA and the USSR. That these men were Nazis did not matter, they were needed for their knowledge. So began the German rocket scientists influence on both sides of the iron curtain.

There never was a real 'space race'. How could there have been when everything was carefully planned in advance? Part two of Dark Moon Middle Distance looks at this planning, such as Project Horizon and the establishment of NASA, officially a civilian agency but financed by the US Government and acting as the public face of the Department of Defense's own extensive but secret space programme. Is it any wonder that it often lives up to its reputation of giving 'Never A Straight Answer'?

As the authors found during their research, there was a great deal more going on behind the scenes than had previously been thought likely: "If it is of any consolation to the reader, we too, at first, could not believe what we were uncovering as our investigation proceeded. Yet as each new stone was turned over, it revealed a conspiracy of labyrinthine proportions".

Dark Moon is not a conspiracy theory book. When the evidence is presented so clinically, with every fact double checked and confirmed, in some cases by initially skeptical specialists, then it is fact on which we can now base our decisions. Not propaganda. Yet we may choose to ignore such facts because they may lead us to a conclusion with which we are still uncomfortable. It is natural to want mankind to reach for the stars and to explore beyond each new frontier. So if we accept the evidence of Dark Moon, do those dreams die too?

No. Quite the reverse.

The first two sections of Dark Moon and their evidence stand in their own right. It is the third section Background Exploration which carries the story into the future, where, in the words of the authors "We come to other related subjects which some will find even harder to accept!" At this point one should recall the involvement of Mary Bennett in editing the second edition of The Only Planet of Choice and of David Percy in co-writing the book Two-Thirds and his work with Richard Hoagland in explaining the significance of the Cydonia Complex on Mars and its counterpart on Earth.

That Crop Circles are part of this story should not be a surprise. The authors take us on a journey of possibilities, one where the view is unfamiliar and many may feel it safer to remain behind. But persevere and you will be involved in a voyage of discovery to which our future may well be leading us anyway.

It is far from the brute force of rockets and politics and winner-takes-all. It is the new world of consciousness and our place in the far greater universe in which energy is abundant, ready to be harnessed and powerful, and in which our potential as individuals and as a race can be fulfilled. That is the strength of Dark Moon, despite it being in effect two books in one: a detailed and sober account of a dream turned nightmare is balanced and complemented by a vision of the future as exciting as it is unexpected. Moreover, these two books have to exist together-they are two sides of the same coin.

If you have ever wondered about the Apollo landings and whether the stories about them being somehow faked or hoaxed may be true, then Dark Moon has the answers. This book is an essential reference for anyone who has ever wondered how a conspiracy is created and how the 'knowledge' filter works to keep it in place. Now we can move on.

The future will not only be more exciting than we can imagine, but far, far more dramatic. For showing us a part of that future, we should thank the two authors of Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers.

Further Testimonials

Congratulations on your splendid book DARK MOON – which I have read cover to cover several times.
I S, London UK

DARK MOON is two amazing books in one. On the one hand it is an admirably documented investigation of the greatest sting in history the alleged Apollo Moon landings. As if that were not enough, the further investigation of the reasons behind this monumental operation leads to the structures observed on Mars and their exact counterparts on Earth, the almost incredible age of the Moon, the real message of the Egyptian Sphinx and much else besides.

DARK MOON is then also a serious contender and complement to Fingerprints of the Gods, The Sirius Mystery and Serpent in the Sky.
Stan Gooch, author Total Man

I have bought both the video and book blowing the whistle on the potentially faked Moon landings and am extremely impressed by both the evidence provided and the professional representation of the information. I found the video fascinating and have watched it several times. The more I do so the more I am convinced there is fact behind what you say and that in years to come the truth will be known. In addition, several of my friends have since purchased the tapes for their own viewing. A case well presented.
I H, Hampshire UK

I have just read Dark Moon and just now discovered the Aulis Online website. I am a long-haul flight attendant for Qantas and got interested in Crop Circles after first visiting England in 1985. I've been a student of them ever since, albeit at a distance. One thing they convinced me of was the ability of the mainstream press to keep real news out of the papers! From there I became interested in Hoagland’s ideas and read Two Thirds: A History of our Galaxy. NASA's reticence to examine it's OWN photos struck me as inexplicable.

Now, here in 2005, we have the greatest con of all ... the War on Terror. With the demolition of the Twin Towers being carried out by the same production company that brought us the Moon Landings.
G D, Australia

A fascinating read, demanding a substantive NASA reply! As my first true introduction to the space mystery, DARK MOON has provided me with more insight in the Apollo program, its true challenges, a potential cover up, open ends in the science of space travel, Mars, and the links to the Roswell mystery, than I could hope for. Presented in a clear and logical format. A fascinating journey – with more than intriguing interpretations and tough questions on the how and why of the global space programs. Definitely for me an eye-opener, which seems to be based on solid research. It has changed my opinion of the 'almighty'.
N B, The Netherlands

I found your website by a link through McGowen's book, Wagging the Moondoggie, and love reading your site. Thank you so much for 25 years of what you've done. I hope you guys continue work on this site for another 25, or at least until NASA confesses to the obvious hoax they've purported.
Mike M, USA

I received the video What happened on the Moon? about a week ago and have had the book DARK MOON for over a year, and have watched this video now about five times, and just wanted to write to tell you that I am still amazed at how much evidence there is in this video. This is truly a mind-boggling piece of work. Even though I felt I was fairly familiar with some of the information, the Apollo film footage and the commentary by the different players (and the tone) reveals more than I think many Americans can comfortably see, but I guess the veil is slowly being lifted. Thanks again and congratulations on a remarkable job to all involved in this work.
Ron A, USA

The first time I heard that the lunar landings were faked, I laughed it off as some conspiracy theory attempt to gain publicity. But a friend of mine told me to look into it, to study the pictures and video, and then after that I might have a change of heart. Well, I did look at the pictures and videos, and after studying one picture, I was totally convinced the whole thing was one giant hoax. Immediately I had a very bad feeling that I had been cheated and lied to – again.

I then started to feel more outraged after every picture I viewed, they all began to look more and more faked. I just could not believe that our government could have the gall to try, and then actually succeed in pulling off the greatest fraud in history. Any amateur can tell that the lighting is artificial and is not from the sun. And the background in every picture just looks like a plain black silhouette, appearing the way that modern rock videos are made.
Frank Pastorkovich, USA

I first learned of the rumors about the lunar landing conspiracy from friends and television. But I never really believed it until I saw the show that FOX TV Network first transmitted in 2001. I was amazed by what I saw. The show partially changed my ideas about the landing. The information given in this website and others is in such depth it is surprising that NASA refuses to make any comment. My own thoughts are that either someone took those pictures, edited and released them, or the theory is not a theory, but a fact. At first I thought the theory itself was the hoax, now I think just the opposite. This argument deserves to be heard.
Andrew Corcoran USA

I have followed your work since first seeing For the Love of Lunar Conspiracy a few years back. I bought What Happened on the Moon? and showed it to both my brothers. We were all blown away. Everyone who has seen it so far has been blown away. It has inspired me to show the video to as many people as possible. Even though not everyone agrees that we didn’t go to the Moon, everyone who has seen it agrees that the photo record is quite blatantly faked.

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of your book DARK MOON. The book is in my view a masterpiece and everyone should really have the opportunity of reading this work. It succeeded, as far as I was concerned, in drawing together so many of the mysteries with which we are presented. Very well done.
S Y, Portsmouth UK

I have read your book, which is very good . . . but the video is mind-blowing. I have just spent the past weekend watching the video box set. Your skill at presentation is only matched by the huge volume of data contained within the tapes. Most videos of a theoretical nature are short, of poor quality and badly presented. Yours is by far and away the best I have ever seen. Thank you very much for an outstanding tape.

I am sorry to say, I think that most of the book is true. I have friends here in Houston who work at NASA and some believe it [Dark Moon] to be true.
Fred Woods, HUFON Report, USA

"One thing is clear – the moonshots may have been for real, but some of the photographic evidence appears to be crudely faked."
Uri Geller, The Times 22 September 1999

"The Moon landings, real or staged, very controversial. A MUST READ."
The Voice, May 2000

Congratulations on a well produced and informative film. A high quality exposé of an intriguing subject that I am pleased to recommend.

I have viewed What Happened On The Moon? I have to say that the quality and precision of your research is really excellent.
Christopher Everard, THE ENIGMA CHANNEL

Dark Moon by Bennett and Percy is a brilliant and monumental work exposing the irreconcilable aspects of the varied space programmes and your company is to be congratulated for bringing this to a world audience.
J B, Hampsire UK

I have just finished your book Dark Moon and I have to say that it is a fantastically researched book and deserves to be a best seller.

I tried to disprove the authors claims, but as a professional in image processing I was surprised to find that these Apollo photographs are full of contradictions and inconsistencies.
David Groves, PhD

I read and bought the book after the late night TV interview (C4 UK TV). I was slowly converted to the view that man had not gone to the Moon as portrayed by NASA. Well Done. It is clear you have the best and by far the fullest resource.
C D T, Bucks UK

Just finished this one. Couldn't put it down and have passed it round the office! I was nine years old when the 'first moon landing' happened. This book has uprooted that part of my childhood. I won't be able to look at science in the same way again. As Eisenhower said: 'Beware the industrial-military complex'. Please pass on thanks to the authors for this excellent (if shattering) detective masterpiece; it's a wake up call we all need.

May I offer my congratulations on your book DARK MOON, which I have found most thought-provoking. Whilst not necessarily agreeing with all your conclusions, nevertheless I feel you have conclusively established that much is going on below the surface which demands investigation and accountability on the part of our 'political masters'.
J G MA, Durham UK

I have just finished reading your book Dark Moon and have to say what a superb piece of research it is, as a photographer I have always doubted the authenticity of the Apollo photographs and now you have shown me how it all fits together – thank you. I hope everyone will read this book and force NASA and the governments concerned to come clean.
P S, York, UK

If you are not aware of the NASA conspiracy this book will change your mind. This is an extension [of the book] Two-Thirds, very well written and very well investigated ... I commend Percy for his truth.


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