Apollo Investigation

2018 Apollo Photographic Studies

by Apollo investigator Scott Henderson

These new photographic studies reveal that the lunar surface is a dump site – for old motorcars, car parts, and even discarded beer cans and bottles (remember the Coca-Cola report from Australia). Scott Henderson’s investigation indicates that the studio film sets used for the Apollo photo shoots were littered with fake and specifically-placed props. Even the same Rover was apparently used for Apollo missions 15-17.

It also appears that the studio set was wet from time to time, Which would certainly ensure the retention of footprints (as suggested by Ralph René) while keeping the dust down.

The only mission to play golf on the Moon was Apollo 14, so you may wonder why a golf bag was in Apollo 16, and what golf balls were doing scattered around the Apollo 17 set!

Surely Not? You might think that these ‘findings’ are only in the eyes of the investigator. Yet these junk yard items and other discrepancies cited here were all found within the official Apollo photographic record.

Moving the Apollo investigation on from matters such as the extra lighting used on the Moon, problems with the shadows and NVIDIA’s failed attempts to verify certain Apollo 11 photos, these studies further confirm that the lunar surface images couldn’t possibly have been taken on the Moon.

Aldrin's watch is apparently set to Florida EDT
– nothing to do with practical mission timings


The ALSJ states: "Buzz is probably reading his left arm checklist ….[and] moving his right foot forward."
However, the problem is that Buzz is actually standing still – posing for this photograph.
But then the ALSJ also states that Buzz had set his watch to Houston MET.
Buzz Aldrin's pointing forefinger might have Masonic connotations. For references to the symbolism inherent within this image see:
Masonic Dictionary
Masonic Signs for the numbers 11 and 14 and gesture symbolism
Annotated Time Zones Chart for Apollo 11 Events

And there must have been another reason for wearing this watch
. In 1973 Buzz wrote "...few things are less necessary when walking around on the Moon than knowing what time it is in Houston, Texas."


Omega watch set to 11.14




Motor Vehicles on Set

Car on Set




Car on Set



Apollo 17 Corvette on the Moon


Compare with Jack White's Apollo Study from 2005 of a wrecker on the Moon set:

Jack White Study

Study by Jack White, 2005

Automobile Parts

Spark Plugs


Car coil on set



Prop Rocks

Labatt beer can



The C rock again



Golf Bag on Set




Rock made of Plaster





Rock construction




Lifting Strap




Signs of Wet Conditions on the Studio Sets

Wet Experiment



Wet Equipment




Muddy Suit




Wet Flag



The Double Shadow of the LM

LM Shadow



Rover Anomalies

Rover steering








Rover fender

Scott Henderson

Aulis Online, February 2018

Note: Due to their large size, these studies are not optimised for viewing on cell phones

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