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We are regularly asked the same or similar questions here we address those most frequently asked.

Q: What about the waving flags on the Moon?

A: We do not claim that the flags on the moon were waving due to atmospheric effects.

There are several examples of flags not matching correctly from image-to-image (see article Apollo Photo Anomalies in the Apollo Investigation menu). And there are many cases of a lack of continuity between flags in the TV coverage compared with still photographs of the same scene – (see What Happened on the Moon?).

We have also pointed out that flags have billowed in unaccountable ways. For example when the Apollo 16 flag is being unfurled at the LM prior to it being erected, it billows up and around in a manner consistent with it having been blown with a strong gust of air. This is of course totally impossible unless whistle-blowers on set made this happen intentionally.

The US flag is seen waving of its own accord during Apollo 14 when the astronauts were inside the LM. Clearly impossible unless is was manipulated by others unknown.



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