We are regularly asked the same or similar questions here we address those most frequently asked.

Q: Are rockets going to be the answer for future human travel into space?

A: There is a growing feeling that the solution is the much needed and long awaited 'alternative energy source’. The challenge is to find a new source of power to replace traditional jet engines and conventional rocket propulsion with clean, green, new technologies.

Imagine a craft powered by a totally silent, efficient technology that takes off vertically from the departure gate. Imagine an alternative to the use of explosive forces to generate power and motion. Imagine a rapid people mover. And imagine a mode of transport to any destination on Earth, in a fraction of the time it takes at present.

We maintain that this is to be achieved by building a radically different propulsion system for both passenger air transport and for human space travel – nothing less than total conceptual renewal. The reasons for this requirement are the subject of a forthcoming title from the Aulis authors.



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