We are regularly asked the same or similar questions here we address those most frequently asked.

Q: Are crop glyphs or crop circles to be taken seriously, surely they are all hoaxes?

A: Crop glyphs – those structured formations that have appeared for many years in the fields of England and elsewhere – are a relevant and significant event for some, including the military, and of little apparent relevance to the majority.

We are aware that crop glyph formations in the UK – certainly a very real phenomenon since the 1980s – have on occasion been man made and in some cases have received additions introduced by various interested parties.

We know first hand that such a circumstance has been engineered (by an individual in authority) in order to discourage serious researchers from pursuing their investigations; and to foster the idea among the general public that all crop glyphs or crop circles are hoaxes, which is totally incorrect. The clear intention of such individuals is to promote the idea that serious research is not worthwhile.



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