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What Happened on the Moon 1What Happened on the Moon?: An investigation into Apollo – Part 1

Five years in production and completed in 2000, What Happened on the Moon? presents the serious flaws in the record of this major event in a graphic, dynamic and easy-to-follow way.

Subjects covered range from the stills photography and TV coverage in Part 1 to the dangers of space radiation and the problem with rockets in Parts 2 and 3.


What Happened on the Moon 2What Happened on the Moon? – Parts 2 and 3

"Departure from the Moon’s surface, which wasn't a problem during the Apollo era, is now a problem due to the perceived difficulties in getting out of the so-called deep gravity well.

Furthermore, NASA admits that the agency doesn’t have sufficient understanding of radiation beyond LEO. If just one crucial link in a Moon visitation project is missing, the whole program becomes impossible." Phil Kouts, PhD


Did we Land?Did We Land on the Moon? 2001
Producer John Moffet – Executive Producer Bruce Nash

After Conspiracy Theory: Did we land on the Moon? was first transmitted, NASA published hoax theory rebuttal materials on its websites.

Then in 2002 NASA hired James Oberg to write a book intended to challenge claims that the Apollo Moon landings were a hoax. Oberg was a former rocket scientist, MSNBC News space consultant and analyst and journalist, and, it was later discovered, a Moon landing conspiracy theorist. Wikipedia


Smoke and MirrorsApollo: Smoke & Mirrors – Edited Highlights from
Make Believe: Smoke & Mirrors

This extensively-researched video production is by an anonymous creator. These edited highlights (of the enhanced version) are drawn from the full production and cover the key areas of the Apollo filming and the still photographic processes. It includes specifics on the nature of the photographic sets used, explanations of how the slow motion effects were generated and details of the technique of the use of wires to produce movement in simulated 1/6g.

The creator absolutely and unequivocally proves that the Apollo Moon landing footage was manufactured on Earth. View full length presentation (four videos)


Moon Hoax NowMoon Hoax Now 1: A one-way journey to the greatest lie ever told
Documentary by Jet Wintzer
©2015/17 Filminco Productions

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2015

Award winning feature and documentary filmmaker Jet Wintzer launches into the Apollo Moon hoax program with new research mined from an exhaustive exploration of the official NASA broadcasts and public record. The film features clips from the live TV footage, gorgeous 16mm film reels, HiRes photographs and technical manuals sound tracked to an original spaced out trancey score.

Moon Hoax supplementMoon Hoax Now 2 – 2017
Documentary supplement by Jet Wintzer
©2017 Filminco Productions

Filmmaker Jet Wintzer updates his groundbreaking film with a new segment featuring high resolution footage from Apollo 14 that shows the flag moving multiple times while the astronauts are in the LM after the close of EVA 2.

This segment includes the testimony of NASA Jet Propulsion scientist, Stephen Edberg who states unequivocally on nasa.gov that the only time the flag moved was when the astronauts handled it, or when the ascent engine fired at take off.


BewareBeware the Flat Earth Psyop
The call to boycott Albino Galuppini's websites by Jarrah White. Part One introduces the subject and explains why the Flat Earth nonsense is so damaging.
Part Two is a detailed exposé of how Galuppini betrayed Bill Kaysing, his family and supporters, by Jarrah White.
In Part Three of the trilogy Jarrah White explains Albino Galuppini's abuse of Bill Kaysing's name as a weapon to attack the private space sector.


Apollo 17 Photo AnomalyAnalysis of Three Consecutive Apollo 17 photos

A short video by researcher Phree Wil to demonstrate that there was insufficient time to take this series of three consecutive photographs.

As professional photographer Jack White has demonstrated, the quantity of photographs purporting to record the Apollo lunar EVAs could not have been taken on the Moon in such impossible time frames.

Apart form the photographic tasks the Apollo 17 astronauts had to: Inspect LM for damage, deploy the flag, unpack and deploy radio and TV equipment and establish contact with Earth, unpack /assemble/ equip and test the LRV electric-powered 4-wheel drive vehicle and drive it 30.5 miles, unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages. Find/document/collect 243.1 pounds of rocks, conclude experiments, and return to the LM.

"NASA’s focus now is on sending humans beyond low-Earth orbit to Mars… We are trying to develop the technologies to get there, it is actually a huge technological challenge. There are a couple of really big issues. For one thing – Radiation. Once you get outside the Earth’s magnetic field we are going to be exposing the astronauts to not just radiation coming from the Sun, but also to cosmic radiation. That's a higher dose than we think humans right now should really get.”

Dr Ellen Stofan Chief Scientist, NASA, BBC Newsnight interview November 13, 2014

“Radiation surely must be the showstopper preventing mankind’s exploration of the Universe.”

Professor Clive Dyer
MA (Cantab.), PhD (Lond.), DIC., June 1997
Clive Dyer has worked in space and radiation research for more than 40 years, authoring more than 200 publications in the field.


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