Apollo Investigation

Jack White's Apollo Studies 1

by Jack D White BA

Trackless Rovers

Editor's Note: Detractors could argue that the LRVs have just been assembled and have not yet traveled anywhere.
However, in the lower image for example, the repair to the rear fender was made after having been driven.
In any event, if undriven, a rover would still be adjacent to the LM.
See also: Further Findings and Two versions of the same Apollo image.



Astronaut lowered into place on wire?
lowered on wire

Editor's Note: The astronaut is actually Al Bean in this photo. Wire-flying technologists would have been involved in creating credible astronaut movements to simulate the 1/6g for the TV coverage, and therefore this capability would have been of use to the stills photographic team as well. This study by Jack White is further evidence for what authors Bennett & Percy describe in DARK MOON: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers as 'Operation Peter Pan'. For a further finding concerning anomalous out-of-place footprints please see the last item in the Apollo Investigation: Where We Are Now: 2000, and the wire flying sequence in Apollo Smoke and Mirrors (added 2018).


Apollo 11 10x8 prints in Apollo 15 photo
10x8 prints in apollo 15 photo

Editor's Note: It is important to realise that the Apollo 10x8 color print that appears to be reference number AS11-40-5948 (as placed on the LM footpad) was flipped horizontally.



Puzzling solar images

Editor's Note: See also article: Why is the Sun so Big?



Cloud of dust proves fakery of jump salute photo
Cloud of Dust

Editor's Comments: We thank Dave Greer for drawing our attention back to the matter of the ‘jump salute’ sequence. Some detractors have stated that there is no discrepancy between the TV record and the still photographs of this event – that the triangular flap is more apparent in the Hasselblad still photos due to the different angles from which the images were taken.

However, in the light of Jack White's significant new finding, it transpires that the lack of continuity is due to far more than “different angles” and the matter of “one being a stills camera and the other a TV camera". It is now abundantly clear that the TV images and the still photos were not taken at the same time. There are discrepancies: two cameras recording ‘reverses' i.e. lens-to-lens views of the same scene from similar heights must record the same basic details. Note for example that the top triangular flap of the PLSS is UP in the still photos but is not visible in the TV coverage. The top flap should be UP and visible in the TV coverage due to the forward tilt of the PLSS.

New research demonstrates that the dust fell back before the astronaut reached the top of his jump. See also: Jack White's later study and Further Findings.


too precise for words

Suspended by a wire?
suspended by a wire?



nasa's 'anti-gravity'device



What a difference an EVA makes


NASA do(o)med?
nasa do(o)med



Flag with no shadow
flad with no shadow

Editor's Note: See also Further Findings.




lighting from wrong direction

An observation on the above study by Kees Nieuwland: A small feint yellow spot can be seen just above the horizon to the left of the steps. Increasing the brightness results in a full yellowish-round glare. This glare was either on the original 5863 image used, or introduced during the compositing process.






Lighting and shadow differences
lighting and shadow differences


Buzz height question

buzz height question

Editor's Note: The solar wind 'flag' is the solar wind composition experiment. The SWC consisted of a metal pole about 1.5 inches in diameter and 16ins long when collapsed. This extended to about 5ft and was allegedly inserted into the lunar surface to a depth of about 3ins (8cms). The foil was rolled up on a spring driven roller inside the tubing. Unfurled it hung from the pole and trapped particles of the solar wind during the EVA. Only the foil was returned to Earth. The pole remained on the 'lunar surface'. Compare with a disturbing buzz on next page.


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