Apollo Investigation

Lunar Geology and Ionising Radiation

by Bulcsu Siklós, PhD

Lunar Geology and Ionising Radiation

from a Revisionist Perspective


This paper starts with a brief overview of the well-known hazards of the lunar surface including radiation originating from cosmic, solar and lunar sources. The gamma-ray spectrometry results from the Apollo program are compared to the spectrometry from NASA's Lunar Prospector; NASA's own dosimetry results from the Apollo missions are also assessed, unavoidably reaching the conclusion that the numerous hazards of the lunar surface make any manned mission ill-advised if not impossible for the time being. A discussion of NASA's fabrication of lunar geology then follows, focusing on basalts, anorthosites, lunar meteorites and lunar dust.

After introducing the standard Dry Moon theory, the issue of the true colour of the lunar surface is discussed. The metal and water contents of alleged lunar basalts are also considered. In the Lunar Anorthosites section, the "Genesis Rock" and the circumstances of its discovery and subsequent promotion are discussed, along with the Apollo 16 collection of anorthosites. We then look at a few examples of lunar meteorites, noting how their identification is based on the alleged "ground truth" Apollo samples. In the Moon Dust section the nature of the lunar regolith as seen on the Apollo photos is discussed, and we briefly investigate the official Apollo Dust-Brush and Anti-Dust Leggings, leading to the inevitable conclusion that the entire episode took place in a studio setting.

fig 1
The "Genesis Rock" undergoing analysis

About the Author

Bulcsu Siklós is a Philologist (the study of literary texts as well as oral and written records) specialising in textual analysis. His first degree was in Japanese Language from the University of London (SOAS) and his PhD was in Tibeto-Mongolian occultism. In addition to a range of articles Bulcsu Siklós is a published author. His interest in the study of Geology stems from a period living on a Scottish island.

Dr. Siklós brings all of his scholastic expertise to the analysis and observations presented in this paper concerning lunar geology and ionising radiation, and their relevance to human exploration of the Moon. While Dr. Siklos asserts from the start that the Apollo missions had to have been faked, the reader is encouraged to read ‘the science bit’ – as Dr. Siklós explains why he has reached such a conclusion with a good deal of wit, making this paper a pleasure to read.

Aulis Online, July 2020

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