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The Only Planet of Choice

Edited by Mary Bennett

The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space

"A provocative, mind-opening experience that awakens us to new realities and levels of awareness that were once known and understood by the ancients.”

Dr. James Hurtak, Academy for Future Science, Palo Alto, USA

The Only Planet of Choice

Internet Archive* version (1994) with
Foreword by Sir John Whitmore
Available for researchers to read online or download

The Only Planet of Choice The Only Planet of Choice

"If this book is a work of the imagination, it is a poetic and consistent work of art, if, as I prefer to believe, it is based on truth, it must be one of the most important books ever written."

Michael Glickman, author. journalist and cereologist

Since its spectacular launch in 1993, The Only Planet of Choice has been widely acknowledged as one of the most significant books for our time. Many of those thousands who have already read it have spoken of the profound effect it has had upon them.

This book represents the outcome of twenty years of work by a distinguished international research group whose members have been communicating through psychic transceiver, Phyllis Schlemmer, with an enlightened circle of universal beings known as the Council of Nine.

Their dialogues have continued and the result is this updated edition of The Only Planet of Choice. Published this time without any linking commentaries but with a vital new chapter on the 1990s, the book contains a mass of fresh and pressing information of particular relevance to our troubled world as it approaches the end of the millennium.

Its underlying theme is free will and the power of the inhabitants of planet Earth to create a better, more harmonious world. Among the many themes covered in detail are the existence of ET civilizations and their interactions with Earth, the nature of the Source of the Universe, the ancient history of humanity, Jesus the Nazarene, environmental issues and humankind's as-yet-unrealised potential for self-awareness. But, above all, for those who are prepared to listen and heed its message, it offers a positive outcome for the future.

New readers will welcome the opportunity to explore this riveting book for the first time. Existing readers will want to discover the wise new truths it contains.

"Everything you ever wanted to know about the Universe but didn't know who to ask."

Kindred Spirit magazine

Available to read online or download

The Only Planet of Choice
The Only Planet of Choice

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