Apollo Investigation

The Lunar Rover – Was it a Radio-Controlled Model?

by Vsevolod Yakubovich

Apollo Rover: model?

Vsevolod Yakubovich is a Director of Photography of the famous Mosfilm Studios in Russia, probably the oldest film studios in Europe. He teaches the technology of the Cinematograph process. He graduated from the All-Union State Cinema Institute (VGIK) in 1968.

Currently Vsevolod Yakubovich is an Associate Professor of the VGIK Camera Department. As a highly experienced Special Effects Cinematographer he has been involved in the photography of more than 200 movies.

Vsevolod Yakubovich has concluded that in his professional opinion it looks as though the rover on the Moon was created in a large photographic studio. The rover appears to him to be a radio-controlled model that mimics a rover running on the lunar surface.

In addition he concludes (as have other researchers) that the foreground is different to the backing/ background in all Apollo lunar surface images, possibly resulting from the mismatch between the front projection process (where deployed) or the studio foreground and mountain backdrops.

Apollo Rover: model?
View the short YouTube presentation The Lunar Rover with English captions.

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, August 2012

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