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Stan Gooch

Author Stan Gooch was born in London in 1932. He took his first degree in Modern Languages at King’s College, London.

After a brief period as a teacher and head teacher, he obtained a psychology degree at Birbeck College, London and was appointed Senior Research Psychologist at the UK National Children’s Bureau.

During this time Stan Gooch authored two textbooks, both of which became required reading in psychology courses, and published numerous papers and articles.

After resigning his post to pursue a full-time writing career, Stan wrote and co-wrote thirteen books and numerous articles on the subjects of psychology, child health and development, parapsychology, and on various other topics.

Stan Gooch's many titles include

Total Man, The Neanderthal Question, The Secret Life of Humans, The Paranormal, Personality and Evolution, Cities of Dreams, The Origins of Psychic Phenomena (originally published as Creatures from Inner Space) and The Dream Culture of the Neanderthals (originally published as Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom).

Stan Gooch completed his last book in 2008 The Neanderthal Legacy: Reawakening Our Genetic and Cultural Origins, Inner Traditions, published in June that year.

He lived in Wales and died in 2010.


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