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Aulis was founded nearly 30 years ago to promote greater awareness, challenge accepted orthodoxy, and stimulate different ways of looking at our past, present and future: Different Thinking.

Different Thinking doesn't mean confrontation. It means the ability to engage in respectful dialogue over issues – even when outright dishonesty is dressed up as ‘policy’ and a lack of integrity is dressed up as ‘sincerity’.

Different Thinking means being open-minded enough to consider any issue from another point of view – even those issues seemingly cast in ‘historical’ stone. Solidified as a result of the endless repetition of ‘facts’ which, in the light of further evidence, turn out to be untenable.

Different Thinking concludes that the current attempted division of East and West (using fear and doubt, economic turmoil, religious and ethnic hatred) is not being generated by the majority but by the greedy minority, themselves fearful of losing material, economic and social power.

Different Thinking means being awake enough to form one’s own opinions as to the veracity and validity of any subject – whether it be cultural, spiritual or political.

Different Thinking means being honest enough to recognise that we are accountable for our actions and inactions. We are all equipped to discern truth, and everyone knows within their hearts whether they are behaving appropriately towards their fellow human beings – or not. Members of our elected governments included.

Different Thinking means recognising that whatever our physical, cultural, and religious differences, we are all truly one civilisation. Acknowledging within ourselves this single inescapable fact brings the understanding that everyone interacts in each other’s lives, no matter how far apart we are.

This understanding brings the realisation that everything living on this planet and the environment in which we live is affected by ourselves and our choices. This, in turn, brings the further realisation that kindness towards each other is a better way forward. It develops harmony.

Different Thinking realises that the promotion of fear, doubt and the ‘trust no-one’ syndrome is the antithesis of what real living is about. And that every voice calling for peace and respect of all peoples, whether on the world stage or in the local café, are nails in the coffins of hatred, lust for war and division.

Different Thinking means informing any leaders who manifest the inability to behave peacefully that their behaviour is unacceptable. The energy of speech has an effect, and as any physicist will tell you: the observer can alter the outcome of the experiment. It is time for kindness to alter this unacceptable planetary experiment.

This planet does not need to live another forty years of divisive religious hatred and economic sanctions disguised as a ‘Terrorist War’. Those who grew up during the so-called ‘Cold War’ can easily see through the current attempts to control the world through false information, deceit and torture.

Different Thinking acts through peacefulness, not confrontation, and using the strength of our minds we shall bring joy to all. However, if we equate being silent with peacefulness, then for the sake of a quiet life we will all be the slaves of those who will do anything to get what they want.

For all human beings it is time to behave towards each other in exactly the same way that we expect other people to treat us. That would really change everything. And we can start right now, within our own lives.

Different Thinking from now on.

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