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Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy

This book is an extraordinary, and enlightening, voyage through the annals of creation. It is written in a captivating, detailed and compelling format. The contents of the book emerge in what can be construed, at one level, as a science fiction story of epic dimensions. Indeed the book is a thoroughly good read on that level alone. It is, however, far more! It is in the great tradition of Swift and others who wrote on numerous levels. The reader is constantly given clues, both explicit and implicit, that engender a powerful urge to think about the deeper significance of what is disclosed and to evaluate the information and detail given in the light of historical and mythological records. As the story unfolds, and links are made with factual sources and esoteric writings, so the reader is stimulated to embark upon a veritable tidal wave of exploration and intellectual challenge.

The need is to engage with and to delve deeply into ancient texts and modern philosophical thought in order to set the unfolding tapestry of knowledge in a meaningful paradigm. The realisation begins to dawn that what we have been taught in contemporary education as epistemological orthodoxy is not entirely derived from either Empiricism or Rationalism. Instead, the nature and purpose of the contemporary educational process is fundamentally one of obfuscation to further political and religious ends and to deny the dissemination of profound revelations. This is a challenging book. It is an important book that should be widely read.
The authors are to be congratulated on their prodigious achievement. This review is entirely unsolicited and is my own work.

Graham Harrison, France


[Two-Thirds] is a book rich in history, advanced science, and technology going back several billion years. But don’t let that scare you. The book is written in the form of a novel and the characters are enduring, especially three of them, which I would say are the main characters of the book. These characters are helped along with their work by an enlightened group of people called Essenes.

You find yourself getting very close to these three characters as they give new meaning to what our existence is all about; and it is not necessarily predicated on getting married and having children. In fact, these characters were denied that, yet still they found so much meaning in their lives and the work they were at first, forced into, and as you follow their story, you find their work becomes a labour of love.

There is much to talk about in this book, but I’ll highlight just a few. Mars and the Moon figure very prominently in our existence. The structures including the Face on Mars are explained very well and how important the connection of these structures are to the structures on Earth, like the Great Pyramid. All of the technology needed to bring about the existence of us human beings, or more appropriately, self-aware life, is explained in great detail. When you realize the careful planning that went into placing the Moon in orbit, the importance of getting the correct rotation of Earth and the genetic manipulation of the species like Neanderthal Man, you get a whole new perspective of where we came from, and the real purpose of our existence.

Randy Walsh, USA


I have never read a book like this before. The 800 pages seemed a little daunting and at first I was quickly irritated by the repetitive flow of the narrative, but...I ended up reading it twice. Not because it was difficult to understand, if you have a fairly decent grasp of astronomy and you keep up to date with the latest debates within the weird and wonderful world of science and technology. It's definitely not for those of a conventional outlook as it dismantles the belief systems of almost every traditional religion and society on little old mother Earth.

Every twist and turn in the long story (5 billion years) brings characters and situations that most people could relate to, and it would certainly explain the staggering biodiversity that we are part of.

There are diagrams which depict and explain all sorts of corroborating evidence for the story, replete with sacred geometry, diagrams of flying anti-gravity machines and maps detailing geographical correspondences between the area of Silbury and Stonehenge...and the Cydonia region of Mars. Nothing new there, I hear you say...and you're quite right. However, this is nothing like one of those annoying Richard Hoagland stories that leaves you with more questions than answers. It clearly claims to have all the answers. Ahh! If only it were all true, and some benevolent group of higher beings (Essenes) were patiently steering humanity towards the goal of peace and harmony, not to mention inter-galactic migration, and of course the meaning of life itself...galactic redemption!

The use of mythos as a means of perpetuating hope and gaining wisdom is also nothing new, but I read this book just days after finishing Stan Gooch's Cities of Dreams: when women ruled the Earth and was intrigued to discover that (according to a photo in the book) I have Neanderthal feet! It also offers a fresh perspective on the crop circle phenomena, in mind-blowing detail.
Whether you believe the story or not, it's worth reading.

Catherine Coney, June 2013


This is an outstanding book, and I would love to see a movie made based on this book. It would take at least 5 or 6 or more "Star Wars"-style episodes to present a story that spans billions of years. The physical proof is presented in photographs, diagrams and maps. How they discovered the technology that powers there World and there Galactic Class Star Ships that can travel through the three different light speed zones of our Universe. A long read of 800 pages of information that may be challenging at times to completely understand the thinking of a civilization that is over 5 billion years old.

The creators of the Face on Mars, Pyramids, etc, those who sculpted of the Earth and made adjustments of Earth's atmosphere, rotation rate, all for our human habitation, all needed for the self aware transdimensional beings who we really are. Two genetic manipulations of the indigenous people found here, spanning thousands of years, our forbears.

R. Koenecke "Patriot", 2011


This is a BIG book, over 800 pages including the Appendix. I have read it three times within the space of one year. Why, you may ask? Because there are concepts in this book that are positively breathtaking and there are concepts that definitely require that you suspend disbelief. If you are capable of doing the latter, you are in for a great read. One which will challenge many of your perceptions of 'reality'.

I am an avid lifelong 'reader' and I have to say, this book has a very unique quality about it which I have not experienced in anything else I have read. Anything. The historical scope of the book is almost beyond human comprehension while still remaining pertinent and 'believeable'.

Since reading this book I find myself 'connecting the dots' on an almost daily basis with regard to everything from news stories on current events to 'scientific discoveries' which, in many cases, seem to substantiate the claims made in the book.

Although the authors have written the book as a novel, I regard it as a novelized alternate human history of the highest order. If you are interested in the works of Zechariah Sitchin, John Anthony, et al – this is a 'must read’.

L. Ochs, 2008


"Can I congratulate you on publishing Two-Thirds (and DARK MOON: Apollo and the Whistle Blowers) as well as your other titles of similar subject matter. Your publications are a constant source of wonder, reference and inspiration."

G R Edinburgh

[Two-Thirds] "is Absolutely Remarkable!"

Zecharia Sitchin
author of The Earth Chronicles

"I was with Zecharaia Sitchin when you talked about Avebury-Silbury and the complex on Mars. I have since read Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy with great enjoyment."

M P Somerset UK


"The authors [of Two-Thirds] have undertaken some meticulous and fascinating research. Their studies on the fit of the Martian Cydonia complex as photographed by NASA with the Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury complexes are breathtaking."

Eileen Roche TEMS News UK

"Since being recommended Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy which I subsequently purchased and read, and then immediately started recommending it myself – I can't find words to justify and describe how brilliant it is!""

D H Somerset UK

Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy is the most amazing read I have had in my life.


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