Humankind's Origins

Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy

David P Myers & David S Percy

Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy
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The scope of Two-Thirds is unprecedented
and even more relevant today than when originally published in 1993. Subjects only now being considered as relevant to our future well being are explored in detail in this ground-breaking work.

Two-Thirds outlines the role and importance of magnetic shields for protection in space. Artificial gravity generation for propulsion and for use in spacecraft carrying human beings to counter the adverse health effects of weightlessness, vital for the long-term reduction of muscle loss and bone depletion. Such matters are only now being seriously explored by space agencies intent on reaching Mars.

Two-Thirds provides specific details of how we could commence development of advanced technologies which would enable us to discontinue our reliance on fossil fuels. It proposes a sophisticated means of deploying rapidly spinning disk artificial gravity generation technology as a clean substitute for current jet aircraft and primitive rocket propulsion.

Questions have surfaced recently concerning the risks associated with exposure to the highly energetic nuclei that comprise galactic cosmic rays. The text stresses the need for all humans travelling beyond Earth’s atmosphere to mimic the environmental conditions of the home planet. It also introduces the concept and potential uses of synthetic biology – the design and construction of new biological parts and systems, and introduces the benefits of virtually instantaneous (quantum) computing. The text includes are over 200 illustrations graphically and clearly depicting the available data.

Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy demonstrates how such fundamental knowledge is encoded into many of our ancient monuments, such as the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in Egypt, Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge and Avebury in England, and at Teotihuacán in Mexico. And a significant segment of the book involves a complex of structures on Mars. Computer enhanced NASA photographs of the Cydonia region of Mars taken in the 1970s support this crucial segment of the work.

Written in the form of an epic story, this dramatic and compelling alternative history is conveyed partially through metaphor and allegory – a re-telling of the Hero’s Journey of traditional myth.

This highly unusual book:

  • Demonstrates how to develop propulsion systems without using propellants of any kind
  • Proposes radically different energy generation technologies
  • Features totally new information on the nature of light and gravity
  • Demonstrates why the speed of light throughout the Universe is not a constant
  • Examines the essential requirements for the evolution of self-aware life
  • Introduces fresh insights into the true capabilities of the human brain
  • Discusses the importance of virtually instantaneous (quantum) computing
  • Explains how all peoples on Earth have a part of this history incorporated into their cultures as allegory
  • Analyses a number of NASA orthographically rectified photographs of the surface of Mars, which, when combined with British Ordnance Survey maps of parts of southern England, display remarkable correspondences. This finding suggests a demonstrable, purposeful link between Mars and Earth.

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