Humankind's Origins

Who We Are and Where We Come From

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An introduction into a long-term project initiated in 1992

Since ancient times people have been fascinated by the concept of extraterrestrial life and scientists are now actively searching the heavens to find life beyond our planet.

The inspiring book Two-Thirds: A History of our Galaxy addresses such questions, as it takes its readers on a journey of discovery through time and space, providing a mind-stretching history of our galaxy.

With the ever-increasing awareness of climate change, this work is even more relevant today. Providing specific details as to how mankind could commence development of advanced technologies, discontinue our reliance on fossil fuels, take better care of the planet, and check global warming.Although this book is in part science-based, drawing on physics and astronomy, it is also deeply philosophical in its exegesis of ideas.

This is a totally original work brought forth through a unique combination of advanced communication technniques and inspired research by the American writer David Myers working with the English filmmaker/researcher David S Percy.

Two-Thirds demonstrates how the artifacts of our past are highly significant signposts to the future. Showing how information contained in our ancient structures such as: the Great Pyramid & the Sphinx in Egypt; the city of Teotihuacán in Mexico; Stonehenge & Avebury in England hold the keys to the development of new energy and propulsion sources essential for our future.

This work contains much that is not even recognized by science today, but which can be verified.

For example, we learn that the speed of light is NOT a constant – research suggests that it moves at three different speeds throughout the universe. Scientist Geoffrey Pardoe stated that this claim could easily be put to the test by sending a probe, equipped to measure any alterations in the speed of light, through and beyond our solar system.

Many relevant subjects are also discussed, ranging in topics as wide as the Moon's essential role in the creation of life on Earth, the significance of the Cydonia region of Mars and the importance of a greater understanding of the role of human consciousness in the future of mankind.

And most importantly of all, how to design a craft for rapid deep space travel ensuring that human beings are protected from radiation.

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