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Stan Gooch predicted Neanderthal man was red-haired

Stan Gooch

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Stan Gooch, author of Cities of Dreams, stands vindicated

Stan Gooch considers the announcement by the Institute of Molecular Biology in Oxford that Neanderthal man was red-haired, to be a major breakthrough. See Redheads 'are Neanderthal' and Scots may be directly descended from Neanderthal man.

Stan Gooch has maintained this claim for the last twenty years, notably in Cities of Dreams first published in 1989 and currently in print in AULIS Publishers paperback.

It cannot be overemphasised that Stan Gooch was the ONLY researcher in the entire field of evolution who made this prediction.

Stan Gooch was the first to write in 1989:

The sacrifice of red-haired men and red oxen in Egypt, and red puppies in Rome, in both cases specifically to increase the fertility of crops, fairly certainly confirms that red-haired individuals were more likely to become sacrificial bog victims [in Ireland] than others. Why, however, should this custom have arisen? Is it simply because red-haired people and animals suggest an association with red ochre? No, I think the reason is other than this. For there is very strong evidence to suggest that Neanderthal man was red-haired . . . Red hair is not uncommon, for example, among Australian Aborigines.

Extract from Cities of Dreams
Aulis Publishers

The Rich Legacy of Neanderthal Man

Neanderthal man created a civilisation tens of thousands of years ago. This was not a civilisation of industry and high technology, but a complex society of the mind and spirit that survives today – in the myths and beliefs, the values and behaviour of every man, woman, and child alive.

Its echoes are still to be found in our language, our folklore, and our religious practices. Clues to the nature and persistence of the Neanderthal beliefs can still to be found in art, literature, and even architecture – all over the world.

By calling on such diverse disciplines as linguistics, archaeology, history, and physiology, Stan Gooch covers much the same ground as many respected scientists before him, but his conclusions – original, groundbreaking, and often breathtaking in their implications – are entirely his own, gained by connecting related facts in a way no-one has done previously.

In this fascinating and eminently readable work Stan Gooch reveals, in fascinating detail and with painstaking scholarship, how the highly-evolved culture of the Neanderthals has survived through the ages in all corners of the world – even, and most amazingly, our own.

Read some excerpts from Cities of Dreams by Stan Gooch

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