Apollo Investigation


We are regularly asked the same or similar questions here we address those most frequently asked.

Q: If, as you say, NASA faked the Apollo photos, Why?

A: NASA does not want you to know what it knows about the Moon.

It does not want you to know that is has been very economical with the truth concerning all aspects of mankind’s visits to the Moon and the probes sent to Mars. This has been NASA's policy since the 1960s.

Our research suggests that photographs purporting to be taken on the lunar surface were actually fabricated in studios here on Earth. Whereas certain photographs taken remotely on Mars, claimed by NASA to be of little interest (allegedly just mounds and wind-blown rock) turn out to be intelligently placed and specifically constructed artifacts, not tricks of light and shadow as NASA and its supporters claim. In both cases it appears that the government agency has promoted a reversal of the real situation.

A minority of NASA employees have been aware of the true state of affairs since the beginning, particularly those working in the photo departments and compositing labs. These individuals are described by us as 'whistle-blowers'.

Q: So if NASA had a motive, did it have the opportunity to fake the entire photographic record?

A: Yes, it certainly did.




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