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We are regularly asked the same or similar questions here we address those most frequently asked.

Q: Can you explain what you mean by objects being lit in the shade?

A: Extra lighting was used during the Apollo photography.

There is clear, irrefutable evidence that lighting was used in the still photographs, yet no lighting equipment was taken to the Moon. A typical example is to be found in the sequence of pictures of Aldrin descending the ladder on the shadow side of the LM during Apollo 11.

David Groves and David S Percy have analysed the ‘hotspot’ on the heel of Aldrin’s right boot and found that a directional light was used, apparently placed just to the right of the camera position.

This finding regarding the location of the light source is supported by a process known as 'ray tracing'. Full details of this analysis can be found in the Appendix of Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers available as a free download.

Other recent papers on ray-tracing are available under the Aulis Apollo Investigation.




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