Apollo Investigation

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers

Mary Bennett and David S Percy

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers

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Dark Moon
addresses the question that was first asked in July 1969 – did the Apollo missions really land a man on the Moon and return him alive and well to Earth, or is the record seriously flawed? Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the full background of Project Apollo.

Artificial lighting was used in the Apollo photographs – yet none was taken to the Moon. This book demonstrates that the Apollo photographs and the 1969 TV coverage were faked.

This investigation highlights the key challenges of getting human beings safely to the Moon and back. Recent NASA documents reveal startling evidence that the space agency is still unable to send a manned mission to the Moon and that lunar gravity is now a major setback. It is as if Apollo never happened.

"Departure from the Moon’s surface, which wasn't a problem during the Apollo era, is now a problem due to the perceived difficulties in getting out of the so-called deep gravity well. Furthermore, NASA admits that the agency doesn’t have sufficient understanding of radiation beyond LEO. If just one crucial link in a Moon visitation project is missing, the whole program becomes impossible." – Phil Kouts, PhD.


"Radiation surely must be the showstopper preventing mankind’s exploration of the Universe.”
– Professor Clive Dyer, 1997

Lack of knowledge about the biological effects of and responses to space radiation is the single most important factor limiting the prediction of radiation risk associated with human space exploration. – The Augustine Commission, 2009


Dark Moon demonstrates that the Saturn V launcher was underpowered and may not have been able to leave low-Earth orbit.

"New research indicates that the F-1 rocket engines could only lift off the pad a modified version of the Saturn V – just 2000 tons instead of the stated 2,800 tons." Gennady Ivchenkov, PhD

"With such a start to the flight, the Apollo 11 craft had no chance of catching up with the required ascent schedule."
– N.V. Lebedev, Veteran of Baikonur Cosmodrome

Laser Reflectors

It is not necessary to have a laser retro-reflector on the Moon in order to receive a return laser signal from the Moon – this was demonstrated back in 1962.

Dark Moon details the development of human space travel, including all the trials and tribulations to date, shows how the US and the USSR cooperated on many fronts in those pioneering days and discusses the reasons why the Soviets said nothing about Apollo, despite their political differences.

Deep Space Travel

Spacecraft will require radical conceptual renewal before a human can be sent either to Mars or the Moon and returned safely to Earth. To ensure the survival of all future astronauts the authors propose a system based the generation of artificial gravity and an environment that mimics the conditions on Earth.

The authors examine the basic essentials for finding a suitable planet for adaptation and on which self-aware beings can live. They investigate aspects of the important relationship between Earth and Mars, including structures sharing an identical geometry, topography and geography on these two very different planets.

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers

  • Presents the testimony of whistle-blowers together with interviews and comments from specialists and scientists involved in the development of manned space travel.
  • Provokes the discussion of many subjects including new hypotheses concerning gravity and light.
  • Proposes that spacecraft will require radical conceptual renewal before we can send a man to Mars and return him safely to Earth.
  • Reveals the role that the Roswell Incident played in the overall project to get to Mars following a trial run to the Moon.

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"Couldn't put it down and have passed it round the office. I was nine years old when the 'first moon landing' happened. This book has uprooted that part of my childhood. I won't be able to look at science in the same way again. As Eisenhower said: 'Beware the industrial-military complex'. Please pass on thanks to the authors for this excellent (if shattering) detective masterpiece; it's a wake up call we all need.” – N W, UK

"Of all history's conspiracy theories – one of the most enduring – and one with which I have particular sympathy, is concerned with men landing on the Moon. Was it all, as some have reasonably opined, not a lunar touchdown but instead a strikingly recreated stunt on a movie sound stage...well away from prying eyes?” – Quentin Falk the Daily Telegraph, UK

"One thing is clear – the Moon shots may have been for real, but some of the photographic evidence appears to be crudely faked." – Uri Geller, The Times, UK

"I think that most of the book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers is true. I have friends here in Houston who work at NASA and some believe the book to be true.” – Fred Woods HUFON Report USA

"The book is in my view a masterpiece and everyone should really have the opportunity of reading this work. It succeeded, as far as I was concerned, in drawing together so many of the mysteries with which we are presented. Very well done.” – S Y, Portsmouth, UK

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