The Neanderthal Conundrum: Just who are we really?

Stan Gooch

Stan Gooch is by far one of the top experts in the world on the nature and mythology of Neanderthal man, an extinct form of human being whose existence came to a sudden end around 30,000 years ago. For tens of thousands of years he had lived alongside Cro-Magnon man, a separate strain of humanity often accused of causing the extinction of their neighbours, whom they must have come into contact with on a regular basis.

Not only does decades of research undertaken by Gooch demonstrate categorically that Neanderthal was an advanced species, above that accepted by modern science, but there is tantalising evidence that this race did not simply disappear into oblivion. They mated with Cro-Magnon Man, causing incredible problems of identity, which have survived through to the modern day.

Everything from political differences, sexual motivation and preferences, attitudes towards women, male and female physiognomy and even the nature of palmistry can be explained by the manner in which two different types of human being came to be one, homo sapien sapiens, we ourselves today – according to Stan Gooch.

Stan Gooch was born in 1932 in the slums of London's dockland. His father was a life-long private in the British army until invalided out with war wounds. His brother and sister were both physically handicapped from a rare genetic condition. Eventually, the family were re-housed on a council estate in South London. Stan then won a scholarship to Colfe's Grammar School. From there he went on to take a degree in modern languages at King's College, London.

Gooch taught in a London grammar school for several years as head of department, during which time he took a degree in psychology at Birkbeck College, London, and was appointed Senior Research Psychologist at the National Children's Bureau. Here he co-authored two textbooks on child development.

He then decided to write full-time, despite being offered the Directorship of the National Children's Bureau and the Chair of Psychology at Brunel University. His first book Total Man was published in 1972. His many subsequent books include Personality and Evolution (1973), The Neanderthal Question (1977), Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom (1979), The Double Helix of the Mind (1980), and his quite extraordinary Cities of Dreams: When Women Ruled the Earth (1995), which is currently in print with Aulis Publishers, and should be read by women everywhere.

Andrew Collins

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