Apollo Investigation

Studies of Technology Deployed in the Apollo Era


Lunar Module Descent and Landing: Intentional Errors Introduced into the Record?
– An investigation into the account of the LM's descent to the Moon
Lunar Laser Ranging: A Review – An overview of the Lunar Laser Ranging experiments
The Apollo Myth: A Hindrance to Human Space Exploration – The Apollo story is increasingly revealing itself to be pure fabrication
Was the Command Module much Lighter than Stated? – Why was the Apollo CM too light in weight?
Apollo 17 Lift Off – Ascent from the Lunar Surface? – The anomalous LM ascent from the Moon
A Detailed Analysis of the Apollo 13 Accident – Analysis of the events of the Apollo 13 'accident'

Re-Entry Matters: An Investigation into Apollo CM Returns – In-depth probe into 'Apollo Questions Censored'
Faked Apollo Atmosphere Re-entry from Space? – Were the Apollo Command Modules ejected from a Douglas C-133 Cargomaster?
Evaluation of Saturn V F-1 Design Flaws
– Did the Saturn V engines correspond to NASA's stated data?
Did this Saturn V Rocket Get to the Moon? – An investigation led by a Russian Scientist
Edgar Mitchell at Autographica 2012 Contradictory statements by Apollo astronauts on stars in space

Command Module too Light? – Why was the Apollo CM much lighter than stated?
The Lunar Rover – Was it a radio-controlled model?
Was the Apollo 11 Saturn V Underpowered? – Studies of the actual velocity achieved by the Saturn V
Was the Apollo Computer Flawed? – Investigation into the Apollo Guidance Computer documentation
Dust-to-Dust – Dietrich von Schmausen concludes that no humans have ever ventured beyond LEO
Gas Has Mass – NASA test generates much dust

Jerry Wiant and the Big One – Problems with lunar laser ranging?
AntiGravity: The Holy Grail of the 21st Century
The Medical Effects of Spaceflight

Reviews and Testimonials – Some Aulis Reviews

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