The Apollo Investigation

Imagery Analysis of Apollo Photographs:


Investigating the Apollo photographic record

Listed in order of publication

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo: Part Two How and where the Apollo Moon Landings were likely conceived NEW
Lunar Geology and Ionising Radiation: from a Revisionist Perspective
– Overview of the hazards of the lunar surface including radiation, and the fabrication of lunar geology NEW
Apollo Film Subjected to a Vacuum – Ektachrome film changes in low pressure environments NEW
Small Apollo 11 Astronauts: Apollo for Dummys, Part Two What Armstrong meant by 'one small step' NEW
LM Double Shadow Question Double Shadow or reflected image? NEW
Earth Photos from the Moon 3 Inconsistencies in photographs of the Earth taken from the Moon Part Three
Apollo Space Suits: Shenanigans and Shortcomings Space suits were simply costumes designed for simulation and photography
Getting a Grip on Apollo 11 – Amazingly, Aluminum handles were fitted to the CM
Apollo for Dummys –
Mannequins and Miniatures used in the Apollo Imagery

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo: Part One
– Links to the films of Stanley Kubrick? "Groundbreaking, innovative and revealing" – Marcus Allen
After the Ball: Kubrick and Georges Méliès Links to the works of the French filmmaker?
Apollo 11: Second Light Source Used? – Ray Tracing the famous Apollo 11 photograph of Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 14: Second Light Source Confirmed – by Ray Tracing an Apollo 14 photograph
Apollo 12 and the Surveyor 3 Mystery
– Investigating the dust on the Apollo 12 LM and Surveyor 3 probe
The Mystery of the Apollo 17 Rover Fenders – A detailed investigation

Scott Henderson's Apollo Studies – An initial set of 2018 photographic studies
Adam Ruins the Moon Landing – Adam Conover ruins his credibility'
'Shadows' in the Lunar Sky?
– Apollo 17 photo from two separate photographic elements
Scientific Analysis of Apollo Lunar Surface Images – Detailed scientific investigation
Detailed Analysis of an Image from Apollo 15 – One photo to reveal them all

Earth Photos from the Moon: Anomalies – Inconsistencies in photographs of the Earth taken from the Moon
Earth Photos from the Moon – Afterword to Part One

Moon Hoax NowA one-way journey to the greatest lie ever told

NVIDIA: Mission Failure – NVIDIA's failed attempt to answer the Apollo critics
Illusory Apollo: the Ultimate Mega Show Why the Apollo Space Project was an illusion
Apollo Mountains just Meters away from the Camera A stereoscopic method of verifying Apollo lunar surface images
What is the Colour of the Moon? Professional Russian cinematographer investigates
Photographed on the Sea of Tranquility? – Why is there insufficient visible lunar surface to the distant horizon in Apollo 11?

Faked Apollo Atmosphere Re-entry from Space?
– Were Apollo CMs ejected from a Douglas C-133 Cargomaster?
Jack White's Apollo Photo Studies – A study of Apollo imagery by Jack White BA
The Lunar Rover – Was it a radio-controlled model?
MythBusters Exposed – Aldrin descending the ladder is re-analysed by professional cinematographers
A Stereoscopic Method of Verifying Apollo Lunar Surface Images – Study of Apollo studio images

Hadley: A Study in Fakery – Professor Colin Rourke concludes that Apollo 15 images were faked
Why is the Sun So Big? – Is this the Sun in the Apollo photographs?
Exposing Apollo Fakery – Serious problems in the valley of Taurus-Littrow
Further Findings – More anomalies in the Apollo record
Dust-to-Dust – Dietrich von Schmausen concludes that no humans have ever ventured beyond LEO
Gas Has Mass – NASA test generates much dust

The Skeleton in NASA's Spacesuit – What is the dirty secret?
Seeing Stars – Can stars be seen from space?
Examples of Apollo Photo Anomalies and Inconsistencies
Did We Land on the Moon? – Follow up to the TV documentary
More Apollo Fakery Unveiled – Investigating the Apollo photographic record

Reviews and Testimonials – Some Aulis Reviews

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